Zombie roadkill game level unlock trick for free and demo of mission 80

Hello friends in this video i will show you how can you download mod game for free.
And review of mission 80
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About game:- Zombie Roadkill 3D, your city has been overtaken by hundreds of thousands of zombies that roam the deserted streets with the sole aim of eating fresh brains and killing any living being in their path.

Your only hope lies in your car and your weapons. Get as far away as you can, but leaving the city won’t be easy, and you’ll have to be focused if you want to stay alive.

Once you get moving, you need to be careful as dozens of the undead roam the roads with nothing to stop them. Thus you’ll need to be extra-careful and pick them off from your car to avoid possible damage.

Each new city will be a different challenge, and you’ll have to try to get out alive by making the most of the weapons you have. Zombie Roadkill 3D is an explosive mix between a shooter and a racing game where your driving skills and your aim are your only allies.
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