Zero City Zombie Shelter Survival Gameplay Walkthrough (Android,iOS) – Part 1

Zero City Zombie Shelter Survival Gameplay Walkthrough (Android,iOS)

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Take command of one of the last shelters in the new world! Bring the survivors together and lead them, train people, and assign duties ­­- there’s always a job for everyone! Build and strengthen your base, and make it impregnable!

The virus spreads around, it’s time for us to act before it’s too late. Warriors must be alert, and their weapons at the ready. Items and supplies found in abandoned warehouses will be useful in battles against hordes of zombies and their master.

Take command, sir, and save humans!
Here are some features you get in the game:

• Refuge construction management.
Build and upgrade rooms to create an impregnable shelter. Workers are already there. Give the order to start building now! Prepare your shelter for defense by building a variety of defensive structures. Decide which defense combination will be most effective!

• Dwellers developing.
In these dark times, every survivor counts, and everyone will have something to do! Teach your people new skills, upgrade, and let them show you what they have learned in practice!

• Choice of equipment.
Create effective weapons and equipment, arm and dress your squad!

• Multiplayer, PVP.
We are not the only survivors, but only the strongest survive the apocalypse, right? Create a mighty, invincible squad to dominate your enemies in arena’s tournament or attacks on other shelters. Show the others who’s running the show in the open confrontation!

• Story-driven campaign.
Lead your squad through all the trials of the new world and survive using the whole arsenal available! There are hundreds of battles with hordes of zombies and mutant fanatics ahead of your brave fighters.

Set in a post-apocalyptic environment, spiced with an atmosphere of danger and featuring high-quality HD graphics, this rpg game will leave no one unimpressed.

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24 thoughts on “Zero City Zombie Shelter Survival Gameplay Walkthrough (Android,iOS) – Part 1

  1. This game is like combination of Fallout Shelter and Clash of Clans. You build your base, put your people in different rooms, train them to git gud and fight disasters in your production rooms from time to time. This game definitely got a lot of inspiration from Fallout Shelter, but it's full of PvP and RTS stuff you can find in other games, such as Clash of Clans.

    Your characters can't die. You can never lose progress apart from losing your resources when raided, so it doesn't have the same vibe as Fallout Shelter, but the base building, gearing your people, moving them from room to room is something you will be familiar with if you played Fallout Shelter before.

    BTW – it may seem like it, but the game is NOT pay-to-win. Anyone can get a lot of cryptocoins (premium currency) even without paying:
    – Watching 6 ads daily which give 5 coins each and you get 2x arena tickets with it. (the best way to farm coins if you need a lot of them)
    – All in-game achievements give you coins as reward.
    – Poping unhappy icons above your survivors sometimes comes with 1-3 coins.
    – Opening rare crates can give you coins as well.
    – When you unlock Tunnels, you can buy coins.

  2. I saw an ad for this and thought it was like those shitty base building games

    Not disappointed to be honest, this seems sort of fun

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