Yugioh Dice Masters 2 Player Starter Set Opening & Quick Review

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NECA Wizkids sent me the Yugioh Dice Master 2 Player Starter Set early to make a video of it. The game looks fun and I like seeing monster that Yugih, Kaiba, Joey, and Mai used in the anime. What do you guy think of this game? I hope you all enjoy the video!
Look for Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters: Series One to hit store shelves later this month! (January 2015)

Starter set include everything two players need to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters: Series One

MSRP $14.99
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45 thoughts on “Yugioh Dice Masters 2 Player Starter Set Opening & Quick Review

  1. That’s where my random dice came from .. I literally had no clue where I had those two random green dice from.

  2. Is this a way to try call back the old fans back and make the game famous again, in a general context, rather than only the card game players? Because it's sad nowadays, only konami slaves likes this game yet

  3. I didn't even know what this game was how to play I still got this one watching his video but I got a bunch of packs and one of the first cards I got was the winged dragon of raw

  4. This was a set of Dice Maters that didn't do so well.  People wanted better art like other sets.  The starter set had only one card of each monster, other sets had three of each. Konami had to put there dig on the game as well.  Each die and card has an ID number. Other sets do not.  Konami stated that each die had to be traded with that card with matching number.  Also for organized play at least one die had to match the card being played. This is the reason a second set of Yu-Gi-Oh Dice Masters sets are not in the works.  I use the set with other Dice Masters. They are fun when mixed with others. Having Hulk and Blue Eyes on the same team? Yes!

  5. sooo are they bringing dungeon dice monsters back at all or just focusing on this. i hell want a revamp or more cards and a nice mat for DDM please konami or any one 😛 its not like this game is shit but compared to normal yugioh or DDM it looks it 😛

  6. I stopped playing normal Yugioh after the did synchro summon. I hope they never add Junk Warrior to this game, (no offense Yusei, )but Decades 5ds plus was hard for the player since the beginning.

  7. The monster being reborned was blue eyes white dragon during the duel between Yugi and Ghost Kaiba.  Yugi had destroyed 2 blue eyes white dragons and was using monster reborn to bring back a blue eyes white dragon.

  8. please post more videos about this looks so good and btw you can get the god cards from the invididual packets sold for 1$ each

  9. Quite question: does anyone one know how rare, how much is my toon sumoskull misprint that says graceful charity?

  10. fyi even though they look like it the bags are NOT PAPER they are actually made from Tyvek

    also if you want to learn how to play WatchItPlayed did a 3 part video teaching how to play dice monsters (they used the marvel set but there is NO difference in the base rules)

    also it is VERY unlikely that there will be any dice monsters cards with art from the CCG do to licencing issues with bandai

  11. What? Only one card for each die? Cheapskates! In both Marvel sets, they included 3 versions of each character in the starter for the same price, which made for more variety right out of the box. This set offers less stuff for the same price – it really does set the "out of the box" experience way behind the other sets. It's not worth getting the box if you already have either Marvel starter, unless you're REALLY attached to those Basic Actions (which I'm not).

    Still, thanks for the review. Those of us drooling over at BoardGameGeek that can't even get a simple preview image thank you for the sneak peek.

  12. Rarity is color coded. Besides the check list, the color coding of a line on non-starter box cards shows rarity (common, uncommon, rare, super rare). The check list will remind you about the color coding.

    I like the TV show art work. Makes it seem more accessible to folks that only know this IP from the show.

    This is a great game. Reading the comics aren't important to understanding game play in the comics versions (Marvel and soon DC). I'm glad knowing the manga, the other games or other versions beyond the tv show does not make this game inaccessible. I'm not a YuGiOh fan, but I love the game enough to roll these characters across the table and give it a chance.

    If you enjoy this version of the game, then you should pick up some Marvel booster packs and try to mix in those heroes.

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