Won from the hardest carnival game!

We finally won from the hardest carnival game!!! If you have ever tried ladder climb, then you know it is nearly impossible to climb up successfully. But with a little practice anything can be done! Let us know which prize you thought was the best.

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44 thoughts on “Won from the hardest carnival game!

  1. You CAN win at ring-a-bottle. It’s not too easy, but it does happen. I’ve seen multiple people win at it. Bank a ball, shoot out the star, and the basketball games especially are quite hard to win at.

  2. Am I the only one that gets jealous seeing others win when I can't, We bought some fish from a pet store and hated having them in the bag although it wasn't for long are fish tank is big, I used to want a fish when I was younger but now realise how cruel it is

  3. are both the ladies crystals sisters or is one her and one is angels sister
    also huge fan of plush time wins i watch your videos all the time I celebrated my 19th birthday the other day and it would mean the world to me if you and crystal follow me on instagram at @tippett_morgan

  4. Everyone's talking about the gold fishes,but not about angel that he won but he loses in the other videos?

  5. I remember in my school once they gave away goldfish and kept them in a huge bin and bagged it up for us at the End and didn’t just keep them is super small bags the whole day

  6. If u could give me a big plush It would mean the world to me any of them honestly and u guys are my fav you tubers and are amazing and ilysm

  7. On the ring toss game I get very lucky and there’s a trick to it pick up the bucket and yeet all the rings out

  8. I wish I can go there and play games with y’all but I am living by myself and I want to go there so bad can y’all come to pick me up please

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