Here I am winning $5,000 from a claw machine!


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44 thoughts on “WON $5,000 FROM MONEY CLAW MACHINE! | JOYSTICK

  1. Joystick stop making people think they can win that much money on a claw machine. By the way your acting is awful.

  2. Mantap nih Mas Broo kamu yang suka beruntung banget sih dan sekarang giliran saya yg mendapat kan iPhone ke indonesia pliss kirim dong tatang79sahroji@gmail.com

  3. Hey just letting you know, the creator of a game where you can 'win money' used a video in their ad where somebody played a cash claw machine and lost. Their voice was just like yours. I believe they used your video with no permission! Again just letting you know. I don't remember the app name, but it was on an ad. Please take a look into it. Thanks

  4. Dude, you make me so damn jealous. How can 1 person have so much luck? I would NEVER win 5,000. I wouldn't even win 1 dollar after losing 100.

  5. I found this in Facebook you can earn money 💵 and put the money in the machine to play again to get more 😂

  6. I do not encourage anyone like that why you are not enthusiastic about any winnings you are wary of every $ 5 can save a child's life in the world

  7. That zap customer support number has a voice that sounds identical to yours.. I didn't know you had a refund department.. 480-692-0418 I need a refund of wasted time watching your bullshit video..

  8. 2 questions…

    1.) What's the purpose of pretending to win your own money?

    2.) Who are the 1.75 million idiots that subscribed to his channel?

  9. I'm dropping out college to play claw machines for the rest of my life. Motivated like never before. I always knew college wasn't for me guys.

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