When is Fanservice Too Much?

Fire Emblem Fates introduced the petting minigame into the Fire Emblem Franchise, is this really the worst thing ever? probably not, but i have a funny story about it!!! also 2b!!!

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50 thoughts on “When is Fanservice Too Much?

  1. I feel the exact same way about fan service either base your game around it like bayonetta or keep it subtle like xenoblade 1.
    Too bad xenoblade 2 went full fates

  2. That one time Mozu wanted me to blow her when I was in the living room watching Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on Netflix with my grandma, mum and sister all in the room talking about the coronavirus.

  3. Im okay with Nier but I'm literally turned off by stuff like the titty ninja game. I don't want it banned or censored, it's just not my cup of breast milk.

  4. yea yea. only guys with girlfriends suddenly start to complain about fanservice out of the blue. before that they was cool with any kind fanservice and hentai. Thats just one example of negative influence of females in a mens live. if you want have kids go ahead and make some, but dont live whth that bitch together she will consume all of your freedom :0

  5. I don't mind fan service but I don't like it when they threat women like sexual objects. E.g HP.

  6. There's no such thing as too much fanservice. Anybody that gets genuinely angry about a little bit of cleavage or whatever in a video game probably lives life on easy mode and has never experienced true hardship.

  7. Old video, I'ma comment anyway.
    I don't particularly care (honestly if you watch enough anime you get kinda desensitized to it I find, seriously why do these shows have so much? I mean the answer is obvious but still). So long as it isn't taken to extremes anyway or forces me, the player, to act weird.

  8. Games should NOT be revolving around fan service in any condition. It sets up the premise for a half-assed game. It should be implemented as something you have to go out your way to find in the game. When games revolve around fan service, they are hardly worth looking into because they go for the same price and the content is arguably not as engaging when its only– for example, relationship mini games.

  9. This is NOT a discussion you'll get any kind of consensus on. I am not even going to try! (Goes back to o'gle at anime tiddies).

    … Wow, I am glad I didn't play Fates if it requires you to blow your DS.

  10. There is no such thing as too much fan service. Every game (with good character models…so most western made games are out) should have swim suit alternate costumes that can be used at all times.
    If I ever play a Halo game again, I want Cortana in a bikini and Master Chief, STILL WEARING A HELMET, in swim trunks dammit! You might think I'm joking, but no that would be the greatest Halo game ever.

  11. I really don't understand the "fanservice getting in the way of story or gameplay" argument…

    I don't get exactly what people think it's getting in the way of! Seriously, am i missing something here? I need some concrete examples of fanservice getting in the way of gameplay or story, as i can't think of a single example, even though i play some really edgy stuff sometimes…

  12. It's too much fan service. Companies were more subtle 10 years ago when I was in high school when it was hot. Now I feel nothing. As should u. It ain't special anymore.

  13. People always pairing characters in romance.

    So they probably like, BAM, Fan Service. Now shuddup!


  14. Fanservice itself and fancervice centered games aren't a good idea imo, people see games like Skullgirls and immediately write it off as one of those games and avoid it, making it harder to get new players. If you wanna see more fanservice, you can always just look it up on the internet where there's bound to be plenty of it.

  15. I guess its fine as long as the characters don't act like thots,
    Costumes especially i approve.

    Nothing beats playing a serious dialogue while they are wearing bikinis XD

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