What is the most Banned Fanservice Game?

Today we look at the world’s most banned fanservice game.

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38 thoughts on “What is the most Banned Fanservice Game?

  1. Unfortunately (and somewhat predictably) the video was considered "not suitable for most advertisers" by YouTube. I could have just not shown the gameplay, but I think that would have ended up being quite the boring video.

  2. It's probably the gayness that got it banned, the other games don't have direct yuri, just implied yuri

  3. An interesting censored/banned game is MeiQ labyrinth of death for the Vita. A Fun game but overall its quite tame in its sexual content. However, the game upset the prudish censors in Australia because you could touch the girls in the status menu (which is a feature not advertised or obvious to the player). In particular, you can touch Connie, who is the 'flat chested loli' (she even says she has a flat butt/chest when you touch her). This was enough to get it banned (in Australia). didn't care too much since I imported it.

  4. I'm genuinely not surprised that Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni is the most banned fanservice game. why? cuz teenage lesbians.
    that and Valkyrie Drive Mermaid is just glorified yuri hentai

  5. This is nothing new. As an Australian Day Z recently got banned for drug use given advantages, however in Resident Evil 7 you take steroids to permanently increase your health. I really do think it has a lot to do with luck along with lining the pockets of a select few who are in charge but shouldn't be.

  6. Fun trivia about Valkyrie Drive, the anime series, Valkyrie Drive Mermaid; got a completely uncensored release in Germany (it was even dubbed!) despite having much more explicit content than Bhikkhuni. And n the flip side, Mermaid was outright banned for release in the UK, while Bhikkhuni was released there with no issues.

  7. This is why I don't like the US version because some stupid censorship nonsense over female anime. They need to grow up!

  8. Great video. Its so sad to see some silly fanservice games banned because of OMG TEH BOOBIES. I wasn't really expecting much out of those Middle Eastern countries since they are so conservative, but Australia and Germany especially did surprise me.

  9. Really shocked. I have most of these games on vita and PS4, (before Sony lost its damn mind,) and I can say right now that Criminal Girls 2 is definitely the worst. Or possibly Bullet Girls 2. You literally use a vibrator on tied up ladies.

  10. I would like to add the 'Dead or Alive Xtreme 3' to the list. It was banned in the west due to "cultural differences" as it was said by Sony & only available in Japan & certain Asian countries. Even the F2P Steam version for the PC called 'Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation' also has a region lock.
    Anyway there's still a way to play the Steam version if you search around the web on how to bypass the region lock.

  11. Really? Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni is the most banned fanservice game because of two sisters kissing as a game mechanic?

  12. Ah Valkyrie drive that I remember. It was a great experience and I enjoyed it 😊❤️

  13. So i live in New Zealand and they banned Valkyrie Drive because it "tends to promote and support incest between the two lead focal sisters, and the exploitation of young persons for sexual purposes". Which i guess fine and all… So you can't import it here or buy it on PSN… BUUUUT you can buy it on Steam no problem so nice going NZ OFLC!

  14. The levels of banning are interesting.
    As someone living in New Zealand Gal Gun: Double Peace is banned and I am unable to access the steam page for it, yet I can still purchase Valkyrie Drive.

  15. this video, this is what makes meaningful to watch youtube
    thank you dude, it was just what i needed to laugh a little today =D

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