Up North Journal – Interview with Custom Call Maker Paul Schweitzer of JPO Game Calls, The New…

This week the guys talk with custom call maker Paul Schweitzer of JPO Game calls who has come up with a modular design for the call industry!

Started with Duck and Goose Calls about 4 years ago Wanted to make his own call and the engineer in him led him to develop his own call Had a passion for duck hunting so that is what he started with Started with the O ring on the inside of the barrel to start with Custom colors Laminate wood is used Double reed vs single reed How the predator call came about The Omni Design

A modular system that grew out of the predator call One barrel with many different inserts that create several different calls You can use your keg in the Omni design The owl call in Omni Squirrel in Omni Cow elk and calf elk in Omni Duck and Goose in Omni Crow in Omni Omni Design is patent pending He loves the service side of the business Takes time with the customers to make sure they are satisfied Deer grunt tube in the Utility Line

Has a slide tab to change the tone Made to be low movement for bowhunters Deer grunt in the Omni line

Can do some custom engraving as well

Biggest seller is the hybrid goose flute

Tunable keg Very adjustable www.JPOgamecalls.com

Gittin’ The Wild

Custome 2 piece turkey strikers

Building things as a youngster

Paul’s favorite hunt

Paul’s favorite wild game meal to prepare

Paul’s favorite music to listen to on the road

Paul’s favorite snack in the blind or on the road

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