Tuck Rule: The Call that Started a Dynasty & Changed the NFL Forever | The Timeline | NFL Films

The Timeline: Tuck Rule examines how the controversial call in the 2001 AFC Divisional playoff game between the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots started the Patriots dynasty, and affected the Raiders franchise for years to come. Watch the full episode with NFL Game Pass! –

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33 thoughts on “Tuck Rule: The Call that Started a Dynasty & Changed the NFL Forever | The Timeline | NFL Films

  1. As it was called on the field, it was an incorrect application of a bad rule.
    Raiders got robbed. This was after 9/11. Boot licking league wasn't about to have the Raiders be in its SuperBowl.

  2. I just love how salty Al Davis traded Gruden out of anger, just to get beat by him in the Super Bowl the very next year

  3. I’m a patriots fan and I know that was a fumble and even jon gruden is getting fired up just talking bout it

  4. Okay, the Tuck Rule was in play.
    However, the Raiders still had chances to get a full stop on Tom Brady and the Patriots in regulation especially trying to give Adam Vinatieri a much more challenging kick and they didn't do it.

  5. Wow the world would be so different if the tuck rule play never happened. So many things would be DIFFERENT…DIFferent..different… 🤔…🧐..💭💭💭

  6. Here was the rule at the time: NFL Rule 3, Section 22, Article 2, Note 2. "When [an offensive] player is holding the ball to pass it forward, any intentional forward movement of his arm starts a forward pass, even if the player loses possession of the ball as he is attempting to tuck it back toward his body." No wonder the owners rescinded this rule at the next off-season meeting. But in my mind, that's a fumble — period. However, I can see how the Testverde play for the Jets would be ruled a pass. The ball slipped out of his hand and was moving forward.

  7. But you wanna know something even crazier Al Davis grew up in brockton mass 10 minutes away from Foxborough where that truck rule happened

  8. Obviously, it’s a makeup call for what had happened a quarter of a century earlier, if the ‘76 call hadn’t been made then neither would have this one. And then what would have been the destiny of Super Bowl wins for NE? Eliminate ‘02, then maybe add ‘03 instead of the sophomore slump, the Dynasty could have been something more like four out of five in the mid ‘00s. Would they still have had the 17-0 season in ‘07 which might have been a desperate effort to make up for lost ground? One call affects it all —-even before he was born.

  9. People still think this was a fumble many years later. I'm a Patriots hater, and I know that this was an incomplete pass.

  10. Raiders fan here know that was a bad call but at the end of the day: I can’t ever let bad calls be an excuse for a loss.

  11. The NFL always makes stuff so complicated. What’s a catch? What is a fumble? What is interference? Then even if they do figure out what a rule is, the refs derp it, anyway.

  12. that ended me being a True Football fan there wasn't even a rule at the time it was made up and than tooken out a few seasons later I don't know why they are not talking about it but the Tuck rule was not real it was created for that game look it up

  13. you can't go to throw a ball and than bring it back and still count it as a throw that isn't even legal today and wasn't even a rule at the time that's an extra 15 seconds safety your adding to the quarterback for no reason only Tom got that call

  14. I’m so sick of this tuck rule being glorified. This happened MULTIPLE times earlier this season and ironically against the patriots in the jets game that Bledsoe went down. I think also happened in a Steelers game but it wasn’t a Steelers Patriots game. To single this game out as if to say it was the reason for a dynasty is irresponsible.

  15. If Brady was still doing a throwing motion, it would have looked like he was attempting to throw it instead of bring it in. Jesus, these refs better get their sh** together or the nfl will be flag football soon

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