Tips&Tricks for a Faster Startup in Windows 10

In this video, we’re going to show you some Tips&Tricks for a Faster Startup in Windows 10. In this video, we’re presenting you a few things that you can do, in order to get the best possible startup time on Windows 10.

Tips&Tricks for a Faster Startup in Windows 10
1. Disable Startup Programs : 0:25
2. Enable Fast Startup : 1:28
3. Reset Windows : 2:16


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26 thoughts on “Tips&Tricks for a Faster Startup in Windows 10

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  2. Hi if anyone sees this. I need some help. All games on my HDD don't work… But on my SSD they do…. Please help

  3. I have a problem. If I open additional power settings, there is an X and it says: power scheme data is not available. The RPC server is unavailable.
    However, I enabled RPC at the services.

  4. Thanks bro. This helped me a lot. And I have a problem. I have installed windows 10 recently but the adjust brightness option is not found. What I have to do. Respond.

  5. was it only me or anyone else too who noticed the dude in the video didnt get the fast startup option in power setting🤣

  6. hey bro while reseting it shows remove all apps and program really it will remove all photos document vedio

  7. On a another video they said that you shouldn't put on fast startup…go figure… I don't know who to believe.

  8. i have a problem
    that when i try to sign in in microsoft app store he says that "we encountered an error please try signing in later"

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