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mr carmack – ain’t loyal (oshi’s version)
[Instrumental] – Gurenge – 紅蓮華 – LiSA – [Romanji/Jap/Eng/中字]
Outro Song – Aries – AMY’S GRAVE
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39 thoughts on “The World of Magic Experience…

  1. If your reputation is negative and someone attacks a city or group of people that you are near, then you become an accomplice even if you didnt attack anyone

  2. I would recommend to not accept quests were you have to defeat a bandit at first, just accept the letters and also the quests where you find something.

  3. The chads go and help the people to get exp while the Virgin betas go raid silent tower for exp xd, also infernasu click 2 times to make the text fast

  4. This game starts with feeling stressed from all the quests and annoying npcs but when you hit high levels and now can tank dozens of enemies at once with your magic alone or burning down buildings thats when you feel the satisfaction from all your hard work to get here.

  5. Infernasu here is a tip from me who got to max level in 2 hours:
    Hit and run, Hide behind trees and keep enemies behind a wall while you hit them with a magic customized with large size. Your good then.
    Edit: I am not bragging (Sorry if it sounds like it). Also never stop moving in this game while in a fight or your dead.

  6. The bow bandits are more threatening to me then most dark wizard. I mean if it is a low level wizard you just pull out the dagger and shank them but the bow boys? You just have to suffer their wrath

  7. I murdered everyone in the silent tower (including the commissioner) and now I have -3000 rep. But it was totally worth it because I got 8 levels. 😉

  8. Bro u can literally get starter bandit fighting quests and you don’t even need to do quests to level up I just have fun killing things and I’m max lvl now lol

  9. A nice leveling grind is to just go to silent tower and kill all the magic guards and hope the captain doesn't come and kill you

  10. I actually like this quest system. It's seems more fun then the, "grind here and go to the next island" method. Especially for the setting of this game which gives a sense of realism.

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