The SCIENCE! Behind Skyrim's GIANT Catapult

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Executive Producer | Randy Parish
Producer | Rasha
Writer/Editor/ Narrator | Austin Hourigan
Director | Josh
Closed Captioning | Kyle


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25 thoughts on “The SCIENCE! Behind Skyrim's GIANT Catapult

  1. At this point the only way i appreciate the force of any given impact is if it is measured in tsar bombas'

  2. One comparison I thought of is, if you were to put a rubber ball on a plastic table and then slam your fist down a few inches away from it the ball would then bounce, just amplify it by a few billion times.

  3. Hey Austin How powerful are Dragon Shouts ?

    That's a subject for you to explore. And gives more content. I like this series just so you know.

    Not to mention I am curious to see the answers.

  4. So a giant is produced twice as much energy as a nuclear power plant……


  5. Austin, shouldn't the giant also be launched upwards at a near height that you have been launched? The waves shouldn't be directional.

  6. Well it’s common sense the amount of force the giant is swinging downward causes kinetic energy to burst it’s so much energy that the ground can not catch you so your body bounces off the ground as if you were to throw a golf ball to the ground hard enough it will bounce back up but if you you just drop it will roll off but just think of it as your a basketball and the giant is dribbling you

  7. What about the master sword in the switch version, we have an exact height for that so we can use it to measure stuff

  8. At this point it’s a feature, Bethesda had plenty of time to patch this out and yet even with special edition the “glitch” still remains.

  9. How strong are you in skyrim since the bows dont curve and they dont have rubber bands do they .. How strong do u have to be to shoot a bow in skyrim …..

  10. Don’t say pig I’m barely keeping up and I’m drunk I literally forgot everything you just said while following CLOSLY along fucking pork man

  11. So an earthquake is just sound waves moving through the Earth created by movement of the tectonic plates, am I getting your right Scotty.

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