Terra 12 Extreme Trail Camera in a Remote location of Canada.

After having a couple questionable finds at my cabin I decided it was time to get a trail camera up and see who or what is on my my property. The plan is to add 2 -3 more cameras depending how this one performs over the next 6 months while I have it locked up for the winter.

Terra Extreme 12 Game Camera:

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4 thoughts on “Terra 12 Extreme Trail Camera in a Remote location of Canada.

  1. That Wildlife camera is great Dan thanks for sharing man, that's a neat area around your cabin for getaways with the family!! i see you captured a deer, one of my youtuber mates here in Sydney Australia done a review of a similar camera and he caught quite a bit of wildlife footage in the woods also. I'll link you to his footage in messenger bro, i think you will like it 👍🍻 Thumbs up brother!

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