Steven Seagal Is The Final Option UNRELEASED SNES game

Steven Seagal Is The Final Option – No, that is not a statement, it is in fact the title of a Super Nintendo game which was never released by Tekmagic.
This ‘gem’ features a digitized Steven armed with kicks, chops and punches, along with throwing knives and a gun.
The game was never finished and as such contains many inconsistencies, including unlimited ammo, the ability to walk through walls and invincibility!

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12 thoughts on “Steven Seagal Is The Final Option UNRELEASED SNES game

  1. This actually has potential. The problem is just the sheer lack of elegance, speed and responsiveness in the controls. It almost looks like as if the game is so proud of the digitized actors that the game demands you ogle at the animations to its last frame. And the fighting is like as if the developer hasn't heard of old beatemups like all the ones Capcom and Konami used to churn out in the 90s.

  2.  This game received a lot of hype due to the Steven Seagal license, but continual delays in the released made the hype die out. 

  3. Bloody hell this looks worse than batman forever and sub zero mythologies put together, what a pile of shite lol good vid 🙂

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