SPORE Aquatic Stage Walkthrough

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Credits & Artwork were made by me!
Opening Credits Music – The Land Of The Wizard by Per Kiilstofte

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Music by Tobu –
Ending Track – “Hope (Original Mix)” –

Music During Commentary by Frook
Track – “Tarantulas” –
Music provided by EpidemicSound –

Nguồn: https://anniesnannies-seattle.com/

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35 thoughts on “SPORE Aquatic Stage Walkthrough

  1. For any of you that are suffering from the same bug with those glitchy looking spheres replacing some of the objects, there is a way around it.
    It's caused by a prop failing to load. I've noticed this bug happens more often in adventures with tons of creatures gates (like this adventure) but there isn't anything the creator of said adventure can really do. It's an issue with the game itself.

    Anyways, to properly load the props, here is what you can do:

    1) Open the adventure in edit mode
    2) Reload everything while in the editor. This can be done by changing something, then pressing undo
    3) Wait for everything to load properly. Make sure the spheres have been replaced by the correct props
    4) Exit edit mode and play the adventure as normal

    Hope this helps!

  2. Can you download mods if your Spore Copy IS not genuine? ( I haven't bought the Game, but downloaded the DLC and the rest of the game freely, not with Steam and all of that.

  3. есть ли тут один русский я спросить хочу как в приключении сделать бесконечный полёт?

  4. The creature stage stealth is boosted to insanity in GA. It would have been more balanced to use energy-driven stealth captain part.

  5. Me watching the end of the epic being exploded: but i killed an epic by having a crab and a eel looking thing by striking it and biting it over and over

  6. Spore should actually implement an aquatic stage, or even have the chance to live in the sea instead of land. Lots would have to be fixed and changed, to be a bit more scenic and actually work. For suggestion, kelp or underwater berries and fruit if you want to be herbivorous, skeletons you can actually break, and more stuff that spore actually has. Probably an attachment you can buy, like in a world you can enable the aquatic life function and live as a sea creature.

  7. 12:50 After 9 resets caused mostly by glitching in sand at the first act I made it there, picked up the last required meteor fragment and the game snapped. It informed me that I failed the mission, because I could no longer "join forces with Razorfin"… I mean… I'm so confused, don't know what to do anymore. I think I should just give up xD, nothing that's fun is for me lol, I always glitch or break it.

  8. 2:25 very easy to trigger the next act? Almost died of laughter on that, after trying for half an hour to complete first act, running all around the map in circles multiple times… But really, how to complete the first act? I was almost everywhere, even glitched inside a tube and got maximally to 2/3 of the first act :l

  9. Thanks so much! I have it all downloaded but this adventure is too good for my poor little laptop to handle :c
    I will play it someday when i get a nice gaming pc.

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