SpongeBob HeroPants – All Bosses ᴴᴰ

All the footage of this video was recorded by myself exclusively for this video.
The publisher of Spongebob Video Games in fine with uploading and monetizing gameplay footage of their games:

SpongeBob HeroPants
All Bosses
XBox 360
HD 1080p
2 Player Patrick and Mr. Krabs

Boss #1 – Robo-Plankton – 0:00
Boss #2 – Squidward-Rex 1:45
Boss #3 – Final (Not really a Boss) – 4:25

SpongeBob HeroPants is a the video game adoptation of the new SpongeBob Movie “Sponge Out Of Water”
This was played on a XBox 360, this game is also available on PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS

Nguồn: https://anniesnannies-seattle.com/

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23 thoughts on “SpongeBob HeroPants – All Bosses ᴴᴰ

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  2. You mean the ONLY boss in the whole game right? As the Squidino chase and last level don't really count.

  3. Son: "Mom can we buy the SpongeBob movie game?"
    Mom: "Oh honey, we already have that game back at home."
    Movie game back at home:

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