Skater Reviews – Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure. Lost Tony Hawk Game?

There’s a secret Tony Hawk game you might not know about… And it stars Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Check out my review of Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure. Is it any good? Let’s talk about it!


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37 thoughts on “Skater Reviews – Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure. Lost Tony Hawk Game?

  1. Man I have very fond memories of renting this from Blockbuster when I was 8 or 9. I loved it !! Now that I look back on it it looks terrible! But I freakin loved it. With that said, I remember DISTINCTLY the entire Nokia and Mcdonalds part at the end, even as a little kid I was like what the hell????? This is so weird. Great nostalgia trip thanks for the review lol EDIT: The soundtrack was incredible. Go listen to Grits – Here We Go, it'll take you back right away!

  2. This game looks friggin fantastic. For real if I knew this was what it is. I would've totally got it when it came out. Pixar Tony hawk. How can u complain. Look at that special trick. That's tight. Hahaha except for the Nokia music thing lol

  3. Wait. I played this game once when I was younger at my church. I only remember playing as Buzz and that controller that I was using had a drift, so I couldn't really play much.

  4. This Disney one looks sick.

    Theres this as well, a Ps1 game that follows the Tony Hawks format. Aimed towards the younger generation.

    You should review it. I used to love playing it.
    Many thanks.

    Also known as Razor racing

  5. This game has such awful graphics. Like, if it's gonna be targeted tow kids, they could've made it more colorful.

  6. Nokia spared no expense paying for product placement and hyping things to death especially in North America. But their phones never caught on there in the States from what I heard.

  7. when i was young this lady was looking after me while my parents were at work and her kid had this game totally forgot about it weird memories haha

  8. I played this game as a child for weeks. As a child, it was awesome I really enjoyed the dance and I know it as it was yesterday. It is really good and I enjoyed much quests. It was like doing something good with my childhood heroes

  9. The elephant grave yard was my favorite level, but then again we are talking about 2003, where adjusting contrast values on tv's for darker things was still a thing. I also played it when it came out, I paid full price on new release for it. At that time though I had just beaten thps4, and I was like what is this, it felt more like a beta of thps4, but with a disney skin. I honestly liked it at first, and the longer I began to play the toy story levels the more I felt how you felt about the lion king levels, I felt that olliewood was just a knock off of college, in some ways. Planet pizza I felt was the worst level, andy's room I felt things were just thrown about everywhere, and NO I didn't know about the pro controls so I had learned to play the game with the messed up controls. The tazan levels felt meh. But because the game was so DAMN easy and tedious by the time I got to elephant grave yard it presented a bit more of a challenge with its death trap pits and just how the level was designed.

  10. Ahahahhaha!!! I had this game as a kid and I absolutely LOVED it! It was so fun. All I tried to do was get the longest grind possible

  11. I remember playing this as a kid. Even started playing it again last year and I found it pretty enjoyable at the time.

  12. Not sure if you know Rad Rat but there is also Disney Sports Extreme Skateboarding on GameCube from around the same time, if I remember right it was worse than this one but better than that Goofy game

  13. Hell yeah that counts. I use to play the crap out of this one when I was a kid. Wish I kept it to go along with my tony hawks

  14. I rented this as a kid, and Thps4 was my first game in the series. It's weird to me that I never knew it was a reskin. Anyways I'm gonna go get a new Nokia and a Big Mac, really craving those two things for some reason.

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