Red Bull Air Race The Game #1 – First Look!

My first look at this game! This is not easy by any means.

Get it free here! –

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P.O. Box
10 Fenton Plz #473
Fenton, MO 63026

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26 thoughts on “Red Bull Air Race The Game #1 – First Look!

  1. Hey, I am also late to the party. Do you still have the game is there a way that you could share this game?

  2. As a fan of Red Bull Air Race, this looks like a nice solid little game that I'd play a lot. Especially seeing as I've been following the series from the between start and been to all the races between 06-09 in Budapest!

  3. Must admit, the game looks gorgeous, but that Cockpit FOV kinda pulls me down a bit, would've been better if the camera was a little bit back in to the cockbit with the gauges in sight

  4. Cessnas are badass aircraft no doubt but it looks like the sensitivity levels are set equally to that of ps2 games

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