Patriots vs. Broncos | Week 12 Highlights | NFL

Brock Osweiler led his Broncos to an OT victory over Tom Brady and the Patriots. Check out Week 12 highlights between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.

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26 thoughts on “Patriots vs. Broncos | Week 12 Highlights | NFL

  1. I really though Gronk was done after that play. I was so shocked he only had a knee sprain and came back later that season.

  2. There are very few things as funny as watching Pats fans cry about the refs. Really sucks when the rules aren't followed by your opponents, huh guys?

  3. Checking-in on the first day of 2020 because I miss this feeling of dominance we once had. The future looks bright with Lock and our young talent though. #DB4L

  4. I always said this the reason why we went to superbowl 50 OSWIELER GOT US THERE. Got to give credit wen credit is do. Another reason why he went somewhere else. Dont blane him

  5. Man, the Pat's were 10-0 with a 2 game lead. That close to hosting that afc title game that year. Gronk ended up coming back. But Edelman had broken his foot or something and was like 50 percent for the afc title game. Was a rough one. Lost by 2, in still what is one of the best end of game performances I've ever seen brady have

  6. I’m a Broncos fan, and this was one of my favorite bronco games to witness. That and the patriot afc championship and the game against the bengals

  7. the broncos and the ravens were the only two true AFC teams that can give the patriots a difficult time during the season. Love the rivalries.

  8. Pats fan here, went to this game with my brother in law and two of his friends who were all Broncos fans. Despite the loss and being disappointed about it, it was a very fun game to watch. Facts are facts, Brady and the Pats always struggle against the Broncos when they have an elite team especially if they have to play them in Mile High. Can't believe 4 years have passed just like that. Feels like I just saw it yesterday.

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