Nick Name | Bài Luyện Nghe Tiếng Anh Hay Nhất Có Phụ Đề (Part 11)

Nick Name | Bài Luyện Nghe Tiếng Anh Hay Nhất Có Phụ Đề (Part 11)
David explains why no one calls him David and how he got his nickname.
Todd: Hello?
David: Hello, Seattle!
Todd: Hello, Seattle. OK. Well, how about could you introduce yourself to the listener?
David: Oh, hi! I’m David. I’m from Tennessee. The home of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and Elvis Presley.
Todd: Do you like Elvis?
David: He’s OK.
Todd: Yeah? Cool!
David: Never met the guy, but..
Todd: Your name is David
David: Yes, that is correct.
Todd: But what does everyone call you here?
David: Tennessee
Todd: OK. Why does everyone call you Tennessee?
David: Two reasons. One, I’m from Tennessee, the most obvious reason and the third is because usually there is two to three. One time there was four Davids here.
Todd: Oh, I see.
David: And to keep us from getting confused they just started calling me Tennessee.
Todd: Oh, nice. Great. Well it was nice to meet you, David.
David: Nice to meet you too, Todd.


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