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00:35 – Override Announced, Brand New Mech Multiplayer Game

03:00 – Todd Howard on Skyrim Ports

05:13 – Shuhei Yoshida on Multiplayer Games

06:07 – Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars Launches July 17

07:05 – Defiance 2050 Launches for Everyone Today

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39 thoughts on “NEW AWESOME PS4 MECH Game! BIG FREE TO PLAY PS4 Game Out Today For EVERYONE!

  1. If they had made this a Toys to Life game with universally interchangeable parts that you could trade with friends and scan into the game I would totally be into this.

  2. So where is it? Because it isn't on my ps4. Why say it's out now when it's released in December?

  3. Look pretty, but after hearing the description im kinda like meh. Was hoping it was gonna be more like Robot Alchemical Drive.

  4. Even though obviously Naughty Dog will put multiplayer online for TLOU2 still I would love Sony to also focus on multiplay while also single players. Sony got variety for their PS library but need to improve more on multiplayer.

  5. P.S. in case u didn't know override is coming to Xbox and PC also, it's just advertised on PS4. It's not an exclusive

  6. Overrides Mach city brawl its in closed beta on August 10th through the 12th But the game comes out December 4

  7. I hope they fixed some of the biggest issues with defiance, loved that game when it released but people complaining about weapons in PvP and all the nerfs because of it ruined it.

  8. halo and gears of war nobody plays there multiplayer its all hype, I play it but its rare to see anyone really invested in those titles this isnt 2009 all the multiplayer games, kids are playing fortnite if they want to have more multiplayers then Socom is the answer…. if its not broken no need to fix anything. #myopinion

  9. Defiance 2050 is NOT downloadable on PS4 in Germany and many other places in the EU, even though it was announced to be available since yesterday.
    Neither the devs from TRION nor Sony made a statement so far why the game isn't available in the PSN store yet.

  10. Yo fuq multiplayer! God of war just proved it isn't necessary so move on from that bullshit. How bout when Sony fails on one of their songs player games they focus on pos multi. You for real here!?

  11. That isn't a mech game. It's a fighting game with giant mechs. I want a real mech game…as in Mech assault or war robots, but on the ps4

  12. I dont know if anyone noticed but the guy talking in the vid has colds. Lol

    Anyway, I love your channel!! The first mech game, for me has more charm than the new Gundam.

  13. The mech game looks awesome and i signed up for the PS4 Beta trials X3, and as for Far Cry 5 why is it their DLC episodes look more fun then their actual games?

  14. Hey gays do you gays want to gameshare whit my i have over 50 games on my ps4 account and i need new games

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