MAL AND BEN BREAK UP 💔 Episode – App Game | Disney Descendants Auradon Girl

Today I’m playing an app game called Episode! In Disney Descendants: Auradon Girl, Mal and Ben break up after a fight! Mal goes back to the Isle of the Lost, and Disney Descendants Ben, Evie, Jay, Carlos, and I are here to save Mal! I am Ariel’s daughter, the newest Disney Descendants student at Auradon Prep! Disney Descendants Mal and Evie fight over who will win for best designer for prom! Meanwhile, Audrey returns from vacation to cause drama! Will Ariel’s daughter be going to prom with Jay, or will Audrey ruin their date at Cotillion?!
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31 thoughts on “MAL AND BEN BREAK UP 💔 Episode – App Game | Disney Descendants Auradon Girl

  1. Episode 2 of Disney Descendants Auradon Girl! Would do you like more: Ben or Harry?
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    Thanks for watching!!

  2. Ben is being selfish just because he wanna see mal for himself ohhh snap crackle pop but mal slapped ben

  3. I love you gaming mermaid or merman i wish we can si like jojo siwa she is my best friend im from Philippines i wish we are best friend too

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