Making a video game with Unity (13) : Gameover Screen

Here is part 13 of the Making a video game with Unity series in which I show how to display an endscreen when the game with over with an appropriate game over message (win or loose).

For the C# scripting part I am using .NET delegates / events that I raise when the game is over. Then I display the win or loose message depending on wether the the health points of the player are 0 or not.

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12 thoughts on “Making a video game with Unity (13) : Gameover Screen

  1. When i try to do GameController.Instance.GameOverEvent += OnGameOverEvent; I get an error for Instance that is does not have definition for Instance, If I add that then it displays error message taht there is no definition for GameOverEvent

  2. Too complex for begginers,, like the code is so different.. when you create it from start….you should have made it from blank….disapointed since i wanted to use it… sucks tho.

  3. Great tutorials with easily understandable teaching. We love your tutorials.😊😊😊😊

  4. Hi… good tutorials. Well done. Will you do a similar series for Unreal Engine? I for one, would watch it 🙂

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