Level 42 Low Level Pure Onyx Bolts (e) Take Over – LIVE PK COMMENTARY | OSRS!

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Hey guys, thanks so much for checking out this video. If you enjoyed don’t forget to show some love in the comments section! I’ve got so much to come, and i’m going to bring you guys with me! Pk commentaries, giveaways, clan events, and more WILL be happening. Stay tuned!

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19 thoughts on “Level 42 Low Level Pure Onyx Bolts (e) Take Over – LIVE PK COMMENTARY | OSRS!

  1. You should say "brand new" more often. Only counted 4 times halfway through the video. Clearly not enough

  2. You should try a
    40 def
    61 range

    And maybe 44 pray .. u can hit like 44s at 61 range with dragon (e)

  3. I remember a while ago I said you should change up the intro. ( I suggested lol) but I like the new one man. I haven't been watching much YouTube but I'm glad I get to watch your vids again man! Making a voider. Wish me luck!

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