Last Shelter Survival Game Part 1

Last Shelter Survival Part Ep 1 Level 1 2 3 4 gameplay complete walkthrough. This first episode showcases the camp, building towers, explore, electricity, ending and upgrade, escape, finding energy core, alliance centre, attack, feeding population, destroying zombies, training, tips, battle, best base and heroes, launch centre, hospital, oil, power station and satellite, Intel and more.

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Ashbgame showcases how to play game videos on all latest games genres and different pegi ratings with best top tips tricks, walkthrough, and guide plus tutorials and Strategies on website (links below) No. High scores are Highest . Note my gaming videos are just a guideline playing the actual game requires time and practice to unlock & master the skills & be equipped with the digital physical visual gear for levels, answers, parts, episodes, to win and progress easily. Fun upgrade Enjoy my boosters!


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38 thoughts on “Last Shelter Survival Game Part 1

  1. This game is so addictive that i spent few bucks in it. Resources collection gets nearly impossible unless you have farm accounts. Quitted this game for good…

  2. Anyone looking for base lvl 25 in state 321 can contact me. M selling it for 1000$ plus get lvl 23 farm free.
    Line id: guddubhaiya007

  3. Im gonna file a case against the developer for fraudulent representation of their game through deceitful advertisement.. Be ready for getting ripped off in jail

  4. Fight players each other's but with out spend money you cannot win. Zombies have nothing to do with this game only make you spend money

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  6. I just deleted the game I was so excited to play smh very much false advertising sucks and is unfair especially since I see it in literally every other ad. What an epic letdown smh

  7. I want to migrate and for that need migration tickets.i bought one. The migration power is consists of building, tech power, troop power and Hero power. In my case hero power is 1.7M , and my total power is 3.3 m. If I want to carry my base to another state then I need to buy another ticket, which I don't want to do. So I want to reduce the hero rating/power, so that one ticket only covers the total power. How can I do that?

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