Các em hãy ôn tập lại thật kĩ các kiến thúc cơ bản đã học. Sau đó làm càng nhiều càng tốt các dạng đề thi nhé.

1. Listen and circle: (1pt)
1. Miss Hien: Good morning class!
Class: Good morning Miss Hien!
Miss Hien: sit down, please!
2. Miss Hien: be quiet!
Boy: Sorry Miss Hien.
3. Class: Goodbye Miss Hien!
Miss Hien: goodbye class.
4. Mai: May I come in?
Miss Hien: Yes, you can

2. Listen and tick: (1pt)
1. This is my penbox. It is old.
2. This is my pencil sharpener. It is red.
3. That is my ruler. It is big.
4. These are my pens. They are new.
3. Listen and number. (1pt)
1. How old are you, Peter?
I’m seven years old.
2. What’s your name?
My name’s Mary.
How do you spell Mary?
That’s M-A-R-Y
3. Who’s that?
It’s my friend, Linda.
4. Hello, Mai. How are you?
Hi, Tony. I’m fine, thank yoy. And you?
I’m fine. thanks
4. Listen and complete. (1pt)
1. Is that your friend?
2. These are my books
3. My pen is blue
4. The school playground is large.


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