I’m in Hue, the old imperial capital of Vietnam, a city which offers travellers both the new and old. I take a trip to the Imperial City within the Citadel, before visiting Dong Ba market, Hue’s night market, and then finish off by showing some of the city’s rapid modern development and nightlife. Plus I show some of Hue’s delicious and cheap food.






Andreas Ericson – The Temple

Cameras Used:
– Canon Powershot G7x
– iPhone 7

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46 thoughts on “HUE, VIETNAM. RAW CITY TOUR 🇻🇳

  1. Been before and going again, your Vlogs are interesting, informative and well filmed it makes you feel like your their other than the heat, thank you.

  2. I just ce back from 4 days there. After being in VN for 4 months, Hue is my heart city. I'm just finishing up in Hoi An and going to spend my last 2.5 weeks in Hue. I wish I had started there first and then just visited DaNang rather than visa versa.😲 Nice work Jason 😊

  3. thank you for this movie. Hue was one of the places I missed on my first Vietnam Tour, but this time I will go.

  4. A peaceful place that is only Hue City .When i saw this video ,i am really homesick .To be honestly, i have to go to Hồ Chí Minh City for my study, but i have ever think that will work in here where have my family, food ,and wonderful view.
    Thanks because of made video .
    I am proud my hometown ,although Hue haven't still developed about economic like Ho Chi Minh City,but it's good place to live .😂😂😂😂

  5. Are you looking some place for stay few days in Hue? We have perfect choice for you, near Hue Walking Street, check it out.

  6. Cám ơn bạn đã ghé thăm thành phố Huế. Hẹn gặp lại trong thời gian tới. Chúc bạn sức khỏe…

  7. You have a remarkable way of capturing the mood of places that you went by like a professional cinematographer. It gives me a sense of serenety and profound respect to those who once ruled Vietnam. Amazing.
    FYI, the entire Forrbiden City in Beijing, China was designed by a 24 yrs old Vietnamese architect named Nguyen An, believe it or not. He was kidnapped by the founder of the Ming dinasty. The man wanted to build something to mark his power and foothold in China's history post Mongolian ruling. Many Chinese architects competed for the final design, but in the end it was this young foreigner Nguyen An's works that was selected. Not only that he was granted the full authority to oversee the whole construction from ground up. And he was very effecient at it too. I have heard of this before, until I came accross a documentary film made by a German PBS-like company. This is something that China today would rather keep quiet about. And here you go. Beautiful video.

  8. What a great video of Hue, our hometown! Hope to have you do more of videos like this to promote our lovely city of Hue. Thank you and keep traveling, Jason!

  9. how come u wearing tshirt and sweating and they wearing sweater? is it hot or cold i cant telling – Thomas Lee

  10. Nice vid! You did a great job capturing the new and old. I grew up in Hue but now live in the States. I’ve been back a couple of times and still miss it occasionally and your vid really helps take me back there. Cheers brother!

  11. Your video really great.😘😘😘
    Im vietnamese .And glap to see everybody here. Let visit my channel when have free time . Thks all

  12. Hi Jason,
    I came across your videos for the 1st time 1 day ago – 23rd Apr '19.
    I was last in Hue in 2017.You seem to be correct about new businesses opening.Your video is probably around 7pm in the backpacker area.It closes by 10pm i.e. becomes deserted apart from the DMZ bar and possibly one nightclub nearby.The Citadel is taking a long long time to be restored in any meaningful way.It began in the 1990s.One last comment the street cleaners of Vietnam do an amazing job to keep up with the constant littering by everyone.

  13. This is something I really need to watch because my friend is directly from Hue and I'm already welcomed by his family to stay at their home. So, this is really helpful for me to watch

  14. Areas that Jason covered in this video are indeed touristy. If you want to get off the beaten path to experience some Vietnamese lifestyle, go to Thuan An. It is about 13km East of Hue city. Thuan An is a small island/town with a beautiful beach and a big Tam Giang lagoon, where you can watch stunning sunrises and sunsets. Go to my channel if you want to learn more about Thuan An.

  15. Trang Tien Bridge of Hue city was designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1897 and it was broken 3 times by war.

  16. Thank you for making this video! This is my moms hometown and we’re visiting for the summer this year. I’m so nervous and excited to see all my family. This video lets me see what I’m about to be a part of 😀😀😀

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