How To WIN Ladder Climb Carnival Game EVERY Time! (100% WIN Rate) ArcadeJackpotPro

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I’m ArcadeJackpotPro & today I’m at Knott’s Berry Farm in California with Kristie & the Craniacs where we play carnival games to see what we can win. Edward shows us how to win ladder climb carnival game every time.! He wins every time he goes there! Thanks for watching, subscribe for new videos every week.


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30 thoughts on “How To WIN Ladder Climb Carnival Game EVERY Time! (100% WIN Rate) ArcadeJackpotPro

  1. That lady who put a limit on how many times you can win annoyed me way more than she should have but WTF that's a SCAM!
    you pay the money, you win, you should get the prize.
    Wtf it shouldn't matter how many times you win?
    So you get punished for being good at the game wtf lol

  2. Neat stuff but Arcade Pro? You are far from a pro at these carnival games. Why not a more honest title name like Amateur Arcade Guy

  3. Lol that’s not how you do the ladder climb you have to keep your center of mass in the direct middle always

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