How to enable QuickBoot/Fastboot mode – Android Bootup in Under 3 Seconds!

What is QuickBoot Mode?
QuickBoot is one of those customizations. This is identical to the Fastboot option that comes in most HTC devices. When this option is toggled, the phone just enters into a very low-power mode, but does not completely gets switched off. Kind of like what we find in most BlackBerry devices. And when you switch it on, it boots up within 5 seconds, and is ready to use.

Ask Mr. Google :

Root is not required.

►Go to Settings
►Go to About
►Tap Build Number 7x to Enable Developer Mode
►Press Back to go to Settings and Find & Open Developer Options
►Turn On Developer Mode
►Find Quick Boot Mode and Enable it

Some devices may not have this options or instead of QuickBoot you may have FastBoot Mode. If your device doesn’t have this available you can use alternatives to speed up boot up time. Best way is to disable unnecessary apps from running at boot up with diffrent cleaner apps. But if you have rooted device then you even more options so good luck.


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10 thoughts on “How to enable QuickBoot/Fastboot mode – Android Bootup in Under 3 Seconds!

  1. my device have a fast boot but it doesn't work. i already turned it on but nothing's change 🙁 . can you help with this problem

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