How to control your home theater with Quick Remote on the LG G2

IR blasters are starting to become the norm on Android phones, which means you can control your home theater system or devices in other rooms in your house. The LG G2 comes with not only an IR blaster, but you will also find the Quick Remote app pre-installed. With Quick Remote, you can add your TV, cable/satellite box, AV receiver, DVD player, and more, so that you can control them via your G2. You can even setup different components for different rooms of your house such as your bedroom, kitchen, den, and office.

Quick Remote is a little limited in that you won’t find built-in programming guide information like Samsung’s WatchON or HTC TV, but it’s easy to setup and it works well.

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30 thoughts on “How to control your home theater with Quick Remote on the LG G2

  1. Please,I have LG G2 mini,tv is reacting to quick remote
    but it is shuffled
    When I press power button it volumes down the TV etc.Please help,thanks

  2. I have an lg3 and I am trying to control a jvc blu-Ray DVD player which we no longer have a remote for, and on quick remote there is no DVD option when adding a remote, there is only tv, set box, audio, and customizable remote. So when I try the customisable I do not see a way to program other than where it tells you to point the original remote at the phone. I don't have a remote for it, hence why I want my phone as a remote! Someone please help!

  3. @TalkAndroid Is it possible to make the G3 learn to control Apple TV?  I know the apple tv can teach universal remotes to control it but cant figure out how to mesh the two.

  4. I have this on my lg f6 but then I accidentally deleted the tv thing and when I try to add it again it just says search and nothing happens

  5. I have an lg volt, with an older version of quick remote. Is there a way that i can update it so that i can control more than my tv and cable box?

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