How to cheat at the Carnival Ladder Game | Nintendo switch giveaway announcement!!! | Knott’s

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26 thoughts on “How to cheat at the Carnival Ladder Game | Nintendo switch giveaway announcement!!! | Knott’s

  1. If you want to enter the giveaway for the Nintendo switch! 2 winners will be announced in the next video! You must LIKE , subscribe, and comment “spicy meatballs” you must follow those steps! I will check on film when I pick the winner!!! LET GET TO 1,000 likes!! You guys are the best!!!!!

  2. Sense there is one point of contact on the ladder it’s basically walking a tight rope so you need to balance your center of mass in the center of the ladder as if it was a tight rope

  3. Watch Mark Rober, he'll explain it better in his Carnival Scam Science video. You're basically walking across a tightrope since both ends are connected only at one point. That means you have to keep your center of mass right on the line, which is almost impossible to do, but if you have enough skill, then you can beat it.

  4. spicy meatballs. I did all steps and I want to win the switch since I want to have a console to play great games.Plz I hope i win

  5. Hun can I enter to winner of Nintendo switch game I know Its passed by one year ago I have a subscribe remember like it to winner it lol 😂 I forgot to say the magic word spicy meatball Luigi

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