Gaming Mysteries: Steven Seagal is The Final Option (Snes / Gen) CANCELLED

It’s good to be back :D. In honor of, coming back, we’re taking a look at a cancelled gem for the 90’s, Steven Seagal is The Final Option. The game is as good as it sounds.

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23 thoughts on “Gaming Mysteries: Steven Seagal is The Final Option (Snes / Gen) CANCELLED

  1. I bought a modded classic SNES that has about 7500 games on it including almost every single console based game (Japanese and otherwise) from 1977 to 1996-1997. This prototype is on there. My brother and I laughed so hard at this game, that I’d say it was worth buying the system just for it. Never mind the thousands upon thousands of good games, this is the true gem (so far). I never even knew this was actually being developed. Also, forget that Seagal is widely known as one of the biggest douchebags/sexual predators in Hollywood, this game is funny nowadays as well because he’s a bloated, washed up, lower than B list has-been. The gameplay is as atrocious as his hokey, one dimensional movies are. I think they should have actually called the game “Cock Puncher”, after Seagal’s character in The Onion movie. Now that would have been awesome. If you haven’t played this, find an emulator and do it. It’s abysmal and hilarious. I almost wish that it had been made into a full length game.

  2. This game was copyrighted in 1994 around the time Steven Seagal was a bigger box office attraction than Stallone, Van Damme, & Arnold. This game looks like it would have been really good had it been completed & as a Seagal fan I can't help but feel cheated. He is one of the only action heroes to never be featured in a video game.

  3. I'm a little late to this one, but the best part was probably about 2:15–2:17 and the player acts out the project's death.

  4. Steven Seagal was one of the biggest stars of the 90's. Not just in action films but Hollywood in general. Fans deserved the chance to play this game. I still want to.

  5. are you dyslexic? i am not being mean but the reading problems kind of suggest that and i have friends who are i mysel adhd

  6. Hey guys. Just so you know. Yuri has bronchitis so he will likely be gone for a little bit until he recovers.

  7. Steven Cigar

    Love the intro music

    I also noticed something…
    Your content is really ahh…
    But all of it is cringey fun
    I love all of it

    So ahh…
    Im turning into you…
    With words and stuff.

    Okey bai

  8. Hey, Yuriofwind, good to see you back! I know you're your own person, but you should totally do a gaming mysteries on Mighty No. 9 given your penchant for Mega Man. You might be one of the few people capable of investigating this project without just riding the hate band wagon. I know it's asking a lot me not being a patreon supporter and all, but that would be awesome of you!

  9. My lord please forgive thou as I did not see you on my notif box. I will now watch 10 times as forgiveness.

  10. Really glad you're feeling a little better and back to making content man. Looking foward too more!

  11. When the end slate lasts more than twice as long as the video itself, genius ! 😀
    Also now I want to redo entirely Persona Q for the third time … I hate you. Oh well hopefully Q2 will be out soon enough (worldwide release please!)

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