Game Theory: Surviving the Assassin's Creed Leap of Faith

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Assassin’s Creed is known for some crazy stunts, none more so than the Leap of Faith. But can you REALLY jump off a building, land in hay, and walk away like Ezio and the rest of the Assassins? More importantly, what does the WAY Ezio falls REALLY say about the Assassin’s Creed universe?

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37 thoughts on “Game Theory: Surviving the Assassin's Creed Leap of Faith

  1. Feel bad for the people pre science who fell from a height and tried to land in water thinking it would be softer

  2. The reason why is i think the sun ray flipped the magnetic feild i think thats why gravity is diffrwnt

  3. Let me save you all some time… He is comparing real life with a game. Ugh.. You how game vs game comparisons don't work? And this dude's comparing game with real life… Facepalm*

  4. Once I did an assassin's creed leap of faith from my sofa to a bean bag, my cousin was there. He was evil, guess the rest.

  5. Ma solo a me fanno morire dal ridere gli inglesi che pronunciano nomi italiani… 😂😂😂

  6. bredda my contry de pan a disadvantage, a no nuff people live de (btw that was Jamaican, and even though i am very late i still said it)

  7. If Assassin's Creed have heavier gravity that means if they come to Earth they will be super soldiers because they'll be super light and super strong

  8. Looking back on it, i dont think assasins ARE human, i mean assasins can take around 5 – 30x more gunshots while everyone else cant, they can regenerate health millions of times faster than everyone else, are the only ones who were able to handle the apple of eden, i think once you have been officially made an assasin ( like ezio in ac II ) and given the mark, you become somthing beyond human.

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