Game Boy Advance Longplay [101] Sonic Pinball Party

Played by: Mad-Matt

A fun pinball game for the Gameboy advance. It really is, unfortunately though after watching back my capture it looks too long and boring and I spend to long just kicking the ball around. I could have got through metal sonic story in 15 mins but instead I hang out in each zone and try to get some score. I didn’t notice this while playing as I was enjoying it and dragged it out a bit Wink There is a feature that is in every pinball game that annoys me though. Whenever a mode lights up and says hit a specific target. The game suddenly makes it 1000 times more difficult than it should be. I hate hit the loops every time I want until a mode is selected. Although the hardest mode I found was getting to the bumpers. I always struggle when the game wants me to hit them.

The game also has a Chao Garden and some mini games which allow you to gamble coins collected in Pinball to gain or lose and spend buying items for your pet in the Chao garden. This aspect of the game is not shown as its not the goal of this longplay.

00:00:00 Story mode – Beating Knuckles unlocks Samba de Amigo Table

00:05:27 Story Mode – Beating Tails, unlocks Slots Mini-Game (Not Shown)

00:10:10 Story mode – Nights table. Beating Amy unlocks the Bingo Mini-Game. (Not Shown)

00:25:44 Story Mode – Beat Metal Sonic to win the tournament. I spend way to long here. I could have done this in 15-20 mins but instead spend sometime in each zone seeing if I can activate any of the modes. I should mention that the modes offered change depending on what character is selected also.

01:28:20 Story Mode – Face off against Egg Man. This is really difficult and the easiest way I found was to get the boss battle going as fast as possible and hit the loops during the bonus round.

01:39:40 – Samba de Amigo Table. I spend some time here trying to show as many songs as I can. Although the table looks quite basic, it can also be unforgiving and you need to be ready with the nudge as otherwise the ball is more than happy to go down the left/right drains. I must have been doing something really wrong though as I didn’t even make the scoreboard.

02:12:45 – Sonic Table, Arcade Mode. As I’ve shown the table in story mode it wasn’t necessary to show it all again here. However, my goal was to show the 8th zone (The Moon Zone) which can only be unlocked in Arcade mode by entering Ring mode in every zone. I show X-Zone just to show where the table eventually appears.

I end the longplay here. normally you would go onto play a second loop and go through all zones again this time needing to hit Egg man twice in the boss battle. 3 Times in the third loop and so on.


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31 thoughts on “Game Boy Advance Longplay [101] Sonic Pinball Party

  1. Bruh, I had no idea what the objective actually was in that game when I was a kid. All I did was hit the ball until something different happened. I actually beat that whole game without knowing what I was supposed to do lol

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