Eco Game: Overcrowding, Temp and Moisture Farming Tips

Hey guys! I’m back with another Eco Game how to! This time i’m showing you guys what i have learned through trial and error. These are what i THINK will help overcrowding and what I’ve gotten positive results with. So if your experience differs please let me know, and if I’ve gotten something that you think is wrong, again let me know. I would really love to help others with this overcrowding bs. Thank you so much for watching, seriously! Super hugs!
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17 thoughts on “Eco Game: Overcrowding, Temp and Moisture Farming Tips

  1. Back when you made this video, temperatures were properly measured, these days it's measured in 0.XX degrees… WTF IS THAT?
    It feels like this game has gone backwards….

    I know, I know, early access, but seriously…
    Ugh, guess I should wait until the game is fully released and dead for proper features.

  2. Sadly the farming is nowhere near like we have it in real life. Yes, basically we in germany cant grow olives, or at least, not to my understanding, and thats a key thing they should still have in eco. But farming currently is nowhere near fun for a game. I dont know if our farms are aware of 'overcrowded' or its simply a matter of cell culture. I hope that farming changes drastically in eco to a more realistic way – currently its just barebones.

    Neat video, did not help me in any way sadly.

  3. Please please please please tell us what the heck is that day I don't know how it never Pune and I want to play that game how you get that how you freaking get that again please tell us

  4. Hey. I got a fertilizers question if u can help me its so great !
    i put 3 differante fertilizer (One of each) on my ground.
    Befor i add it i have :
    Nitrogen : 68
    Phosphorus : 63
    Potasium : 70
    Then i add : N 5.8, Ph 5.2 Po 3
    So i should have ~ N 73, Ph 68, Po 73 rigth ? BUT NOT xD
    I got : N 71, Ph 82, Po 80

  5. A tip I got from the forums that has helped a ton: for no-brainer farming just make a farm where the plant naturally grows and you can ignore everything and make a massive farm.

  6. Would you do a step by step tutorial for farming with the extra detail from this video?

    From gathering seeds, research, soil sampler, shovelling, organisation of planting, creating/using the hoe, making fertilised soil. The whole thing. Because I think you’re the only one making tutorials for the current version while other tutorials are 6 months or 1 year old.

  7. I just force slam corn all over my place. Corn is everywhere. Then I gather and sell it on market and still profit. #forcecornforthewin

  8. Hey zombie its your brother Gus and I want to suggest a game called fortnite its free and really fun. Try it for me.😃

  9. When there is something missing in the Internet: Informations about farming in ECO. Really :/ Go ahead. This is nice!

  10. So, I need crimini mushrooms to advance my farming skill, but on the map there are NO areas that show up for crimini mushrooms when highlighted (I've also ran all around the forests and lowlands looking). Do you think they will eventually spawn somewhere, or do i just need to start a new map?

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