Eco Alpha 5.6.1 – Building an Aquaduct! 09 S3 @NynahNina

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NynahNina successfully builds the aqueduct and moisture is brought to soil. Let’s learn how to build the aquaduct!

A brand new world in Eco but we don’t start at the beginning… We pick things up from where we left off!
A Let’s Play discussing many tips about this early access game, Eco, on how to begin your town on a single player world.

To change skill rate: server – simulation – config – timemult – increase the number
Eco is an online game where players must collaborate to build a civilization in a world where everything they do affects the environment. All resources come from a simulated ecosystem, with thousands of plants and animals simulating 24/7. Work together through the player-run government and economy to build the technology to stop a meteor on a collision course with the planet, without polluting the world and killing it off in the process before that even happens.

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4 thoughts on “Eco Alpha 5.6.1 – Building an Aquaduct! 09 S3 @NynahNina

  1. Man, your production and editing levels are through the roof. I'm surprised you don't have more subs. Cool vid.

  2. Come play on we are in the top 3 servers on the charts. We destroyed the meteor on day 9 and now we are focusing on economy.

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