Dungeon Dice Monsters Was Weird (Failed Yu-Gi-Oh! Spinoff) | Billiam

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Over the years, Yu-Gi-Oh has dabbled in other genres, let’s take a look at its most high profile experiment: Dungeon Dice Monsters.

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31 thoughts on “Dungeon Dice Monsters Was Weird (Failed Yu-Gi-Oh! Spinoff) | Billiam

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  2. I actually liked it more then the cards not much more but still. Even the Game and tv show i loved more sad it failed.

  3. TBH I think YGO is not THAT hard. As a fellow outsider to the crazy modern game, I think you can just sit down and play a few games with an outdated deck and quickly get an idea as to what needs to be changed to get a modern one.

  4. XYZ, Pendulum, Sync f* that. Just give me the original rules and monsters, and a period when Imperial Order, Jinzo, Monster Reborn, Change of Heart etc are not banned.

  5. I actually liked the concept of Dungeon Dice Monsters. Didn't know they actually made it irl.

  6. I kinda want to play it again and hoped that there was a smartphone app but there is nothing like it.

    Playing it on a emulator isn't fun because the AI is horrible.

  7. You know, the main characters didn't cheat in Yugioh… the rules just changed… remember… the show came first and the game keeps on changing the rules..

  8. Man. I wish I had the chance to play Dungeon Dice Monsters. If only I had money, was older, and had friends to play with at the time when it first came out. >_>

  9. Best spin off video game I ever played. If they would’ve made a sequel to it I would’ve bought it in a heartbeat.

  10. DDM and the Para and Dox labyrinth episodes were actually some of my favourite episodes because they were something different.

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