Duck Calling Tips: The Single Greatest Truth On How To Call Ducks. Duck Calling Instruction.

Duck Calling Tips Are Everywhere, but there there’s one single truth that you must master to be good at calling ducks.

Learning how to blow a duck call is incredibly hard. Duck calling instruction is all around you in the waterfowl world. You can find duck calling videos all over the place, but there’s one key element often missing in duck calling tips you find online.

Every duck hunter was a beginner at some point, and many duck hunters forget what it was like trying to learn how to blow a duck call.

There are a million tips on how to blow a duck call, and there are a million strategies to helping a beginner buy the right kind of duck call. However, there’s one central truth that is often missing from many hunter’s mindset when it comes to calling ducks.

Today, on Mossberg’s Rugged American Hunter with Jason Cruise, we cover what is perhaps the single greatest myth about duck calling.

Jason Cruise is hunting in Arkansas County, Arkansas, which is ground zero for duck calling. Stuttgart, Arkansas is the home of the world duck calling championships, perhaps the hardest place on planet earth to earn a reputation for blowing a duck call. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran skilled at duck calling, or whether you’re a beginner learning how to blow a duck call, there’s one “inconvenient truth” you’ve got to overcome if you ever want to get better at duck calling.


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22 thoughts on “Duck Calling Tips: The Single Greatest Truth On How To Call Ducks. Duck Calling Instruction.

  1. Thank you for this.
    I had brought call that I had been practicing with on a hunt. When we had a slow time, the lead guy asked me to show him how i was coming along. When i blew it, my reeds had frozen together and sounded awful. He chewed my head off n told me to throw my call in the water. The other guys just laughed. Maybe I’m too sensitive but I didn’t go back w them

  2. Just bought the double nasty. 2 weeks ago. Keep on me at all times. In the car in the house. At work on my break. I've come to the same conclusion. If i don't start trying to call ducks then I'm never really gonna learn. . plus it's just me and my buddy. This is our third season out. So who am i gonna piss off. If it's just him and i. No one. We do alright. We get lunch. But wanna slay

  3. Мне нужен длинный ствол на Моссберг 500а можете отправить????

  4. Rugged american hunter dude is staying at a hunting lodge cruises up to a setup that is well, already setup, in a ranger!

  5. Just got my first duck call the Double Nasty 2 and learned how to do the quack and almost have down the feeding chuckle

  6. Great video. I have my buddy drake call all the time when I duck hunt with him. His Louis Armstrong Duck Callin' Doesn't Cut it. But his Turkey cutting puts me to shame. So we work in that respect. What is your favorite Wooden Duck Call? Probably one with some history. But honestly, for an intermediate duck caller that wants a softer note?

  7. I've been told by a very close loved one that my brain is the size of a Nerf Football……glad to hear that the cleaning kit is the same size.

  8. I know Duck hunting is hard but dang firing 5-7 shots just for one duck. Those shooters need to practice shooting

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