Duck Calling Tip: Using Haydel Game Calls (Back Country Ducks)

Haydel Game Calls have been the mainstay of Seaway Waterfowl Professionals since it’s inception. These calls have the ability to exactly mimic all types of Ducks. This ability has made them the choice of professional watermen throughout North America. In the word of Mr. Eli Haydel: “You have to match the hatch-son!” These call do just that! Here is a quick demo of what we use. Capt. Bill Saiff III

The Bill Saiff Outdoors family has a national reputation for pushing back the boundaries of great lakes fishing and hunting. Their goal has always been to provide the best fishing and hunting experience available on Lake Ontario and in its fields, marshes, and backwaters. Their syndicated sport fishing program, Bill Saiff’s “Rod & Reel,” has continually spurred interest in their part of Lake Ontario. In accordance with this, the Saiff family operates an eight-boat “Saiff Charters” fleet equipped to provide anglers with a great fresh water experience on eastern Lake Ontario.
The Saiff family also owns and operates Seaway Waterfowl Professionals (SWP), which offers exciting puddle duck, diving duck, and Canada Goose hunting for the novice to the experienced shooter from early October until late December. SWP uses the latest equipment and well-trained hunting retrievers to ensure your hunt is the memory of a lifetime.
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One thought on “Duck Calling Tip: Using Haydel Game Calls (Back Country Ducks)

  1. Check out the breakdown of Haydel Calls on this Lanyard! These are what you need to be successful hunting backcountry dabblers.

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