Dog's Life (PS2) Ending

Here’s the ending to the number one canine fecal manipulation simulation currently available on the PS2.

Note that yes, I do pinch a loaf and toss in the machine. Sadly, it doesn’t gunk it up quite like a nice chunk of metal, but it’s the thought that counts.

All kidding aside, the game wasn’t all that bad. Sure, the graphics weren’t too hot, the voice acting was wacky, the control was a bit off, and it was really a collect-a-thon at its core, but there’s a certain novelty of playing a 3d adventure game from the perspective of a dog and the overall world design was interesting enough to carry it through to the end.


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47 thoughts on “Dog's Life (PS2) Ending

  1. I remember this game to look so much better. I was such an innocent kiddo when i first played this. I want to dig the game up and play it bc im sure i never got to the end. I just remember a kid losing her doll, throwing eggs etc. But jezus this game is dark

  2. I’m probably the only who finds the ending hilarious instead of dark.

    However I do admit that the machines and the saw blades covered in blood is really disturbing for a kids game.

  3. haha I'm 15 and I played this around the ages of like 6ish and played it again at around 13 and it's funny to see how many people didnt realize the idea/plot about it being so dark. should I be concerned that I understood it at the age of like 6 💀

  4. i played the whole game but when i got to reach this part of the game, my dad decided to sell my playsation. so i never ended it and i'm… kinda glad i didn't-

  5. when i was younger i never actually got to the end as i was too dumb to know how to do anything but damn, didn’t know it would be that dark.

  6. The end building was so creepy for me when I was young.. I never made it to the end by the way. Maybe I should try.. I still have the game 😀 The factory was impossible for me

  7. Oh my god I remember watching this series when I was little. I’ve wanted to find it forever it really scared me

  8. I really wish they remake this for current gen. This was the first ever game I finished and it has a special place in my heart haha

  9. I beat this game completely unspoiled since I wasn't really online yet when I first played it. As a youngin' I was absolutely put off by how grim, violent, and out of sync with the rest of the experience this was… but you bet your ass I was laughing the whole time too.

  10. Played this game when I was like…9,10 years old. And I never completed the final chapter,and was curious until now. Didn't expect it to be so morbid…but I love it. xD

  11. So this lady wanted to kill a loving, playful, cute, fluffy dog to turn it into food for a selfish, hating, sleeper that only cares about food?

  12. Wow… I mean when I was little the play gameplay was really fun to me n I enjoyed it a lot, didn't realized it was this dark O.o the lady was "turned" into canned dog foods

  13. I remember playing this game, when I was little af.
    5-4 maybe, and I remember glitching into the machine and the saw part too.
    And, holy shit. The ending was so peaceful when I played it has a toddler and now that I look at it..
    Brutal. I love it.

    Edit: I notice that a bunch of adults-teenagers that played this but I'm still a kid and I experienced what they experienced… maybe.

  14. I loved this game as a kid! No one ever knows what I’m talking about when I mention it! This was the first and only game I’ve ever played completely through! ❤️🙌😂

  15. Miss Peaches is put into a big can
    Haha what a silly and fun end. The machinery was a bit dark though, but oh well, no-one got hurt in the e-
    Miss Peaches is sliced diced and mashed and put into regular tins of cat food
    What the fuck.

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