Dog's Life PS2 100% Longplay

Playing as a dog sounds like it could be trash. But you’re wrong, it’s fantastic! Or should I say: Dogtastic.

Plot-Wise, Miss Peaches is arranging for dogs to be caught by two dog catches: Dwayne and Wayne and turned into cat food. It’s up to Jake to rescue the dogs, stop Miss Peaches from successfully completing her evil plan and rescue Daisy, Jake’s love interest.

Take control of Jake the dog, the main protagonist as you help the local residents completing tasks for them to earn bones, sniff out various coloured stinky smells to beat challenges like peeing territories, tug-o-war, learning tricks and more. Being a dog you’ll explore environments the way a dog would if he had huge adventuring skills. You even get to take control other breeds of dog
at many points as well.

What can I say? It’s unique, adventurous, funny and overall, one of the greatest PS2 games next to Ratchet And Clank 3, Jak 3, Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves, GTA San Andreas, Kingdom Hearts and so on.


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27 thoughts on “Dog's Life PS2 100% Longplay

  1. I remember trying this game in a demo disc called Jam Pack or something, but never was able to find the real game copy🙁

  2. Man ps2 was like best console ever it had garfield,harry potter, ice age 2 meltdown, ninja turtles and dog’s life like why did i sell all these games man now i know ps2 better than ps4

  3. 27:12 if u have a little sibling who watches (Barbie in the Pearl princess) u will definitely recognize the dudes voice lol

  4. Loved this game when I was a kid, thank you for sharing 😊 oh and I love how you bark and the same time as the music haha so funny lol

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