Descendants BREAK UP?! (Episode 1) – App Game | Disney Descendants

Disney Descendants Mal and Ben BREAK UP?! Mal catches Ben cheating on her with Uma! Jane caught Carlos cheating on her! Will they be able to fix their relationship?? ● Watch more Episode app game videos ►

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Today we are playing as Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay from the new Disney movie Descendants 2. Disney’s Descendants take place 20 years after the main story of Beauty and the Beast. The main Disney characters have settled down and have children, known as the Descendants!



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30 thoughts on “Descendants BREAK UP?! (Episode 1) – App Game | Disney Descendants

  1. You’re my favorite YouTube or I wish I had that your marriage but I have some and a mailman coming to my door but I don’t hear him knocking

  2. Gaming mermaid I'm a fan of your videos and very impressed with your videos they are inspiring and inspirational

  3. Beginning slap slap slap xD

    im making my own descendents story I'll tell you when I finish like 4 or 3 episodes

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