Cover ANH THANH NIÊN bằng TIẾNG ANH đầu tiên nhất VN (MR ADULT)

#Anhthanhnien #Tienganh #HuyR
Lời dịch: Mr Adult is reaching 30 years old.
5K sticky rice, 3K ice tea at night
He’s always on face to know everything in life
Post a normal tus with a thousand likes.

Mr Adult has been single for a long time.
Girls love him, but he doesn’t need a lover.
Every morning, his parents still go to work.
He tells he’s still young, don’t know what to do.
Then one day, he meets a gold girl.
Then falling in love, he always misses her.
He realizes he forgot many things
Think of his parents, he feels so sad.

‘Cause you all baby, you make him change better everyday and not like before.
And your love leads him to confusion.
So, he knows how to love other persons.
Don’t drink anymore. He’s different from the past and not a dreamer at present.
To take care parents and you ah, Mr Adult learns ways to change him everyday.


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17 thoughts on “Cover ANH THANH NIÊN bằng TIẾNG ANH đầu tiên nhất VN (MR ADULT)

  1. Hóng hoài bữa giờ:))), sao thầy không rap luôn cho dân nó sợ thầy ơi. Haha. Đùa thôi chứ bài hát hay lắm, hihi.

  2. Có thông báo phi vào luôn mà đã 24 rồi nhiều bác nhanh quá kkk , chúc anh đạo và các bác đang xem buổi tối vv tốt lành nhé

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