Could Fallout 4 and Skyrim ever take place in the same universe?

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Fallout and the Elder Scrolls obviously take place in separate universes, yet a popular fan theory has some fun evidence/Easter Eggs that suggest the opposite. Let’s explore them!
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32 thoughts on “Could Fallout 4 and Skyrim ever take place in the same universe?

  1. 9:17 earth/nirm got its second moon by a bunch of asteroids colliding and entering the atmosphere

  2. I believe this theory does not actually lose it's grounds on the basis of there being two moons. Recently, I discovered a book in Skyrim, behind a locked door in the ruins of Mzelft. This book, known as "The Lunar Lorkhan" appears to be a recounting of how the second moon came to be through mortal eyes. While my eyes are not as keen to decipher the meanings behind this piece of literature, I will leave it here for those who wish to delve deeper down this rabbit hole.
    The following is the full texts from "The Lunar Lorkhan"
    "I will not go into the varying accounts of what happened at Adamantine Tower, nor will I relate the War of Manifest Metaphors that rendered those stories unable to support most qualities of what is commonly known as "narrative." We all have our favorite Lorkhan story, and our favorite Lorkhan motivation for the creation of Nirn and our favorite story of what happened to his heart. But the Theory of the Lunar Lorkhan is of special note. In short, the moons were and are the two halves of Lorkhan's 'flesh-divinity'. Like the rest of the Gods, Lorkhan was a plane(t) that participated in the Great Construction… except where the Eight lent portions of their heavenly bodies to create the mortal plane(t), Lorkhan's was cracked asunder and his divine spark fell to Nirn as a shooting star "to impregnate it with the measure of its existence and a reasonable amount of selfishness." Masser and Secunda therefore are the personifications of the dichotomy- – the "Cloven Duality," according to Artaeum- – that Lorkhan legends often rail against: ideas of the anima/animus, good/evil, being/nothingness, the poetry of the body, throat, and moan/silence – as – the – aborative, and so on- – set in the night sky as Lorkhan's constant reminder to his moral issue of their duty. Followers of this theory hold that all other "Heart Stories" are mythical degradation's of the true origin of the moons (and it needn't be said that they observe the "hollow crescent theory" as well)."

  3. 2:00 then really, why did TES people abandoned vertibirds, firearms, power armor, laser weapons and started using bows and medieval armor? (didnt watch whole video during writing comment, maybe he will explain it, but still, WHY?)

  4. I’ve always thought this could be a real thing. Like how the mutations from rads and fev could cause magical powers and new races

  5. The second moon could just either be due to magic or another celestial body that has been slung into earth's orbit

  6. Maybe magic evolved from the radioactive energy within people? Legendary enemies can unleash an aura of radiation and instantly regenerate health. Maybe in the future, humanity learn to harness their inner radiation to achieve great abilities like pyrokinese, which future generations would consider fire magic.

  7. "Nirn has 2 moons."

    The Earth captured an Exo planet, you did say 4.5 billions years right? seems like enough time to me.

  8. There is one big hole in your theory which is existence of Oblivion and daedric princes with seemingly endless amount of power. Yes I know that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistiguishable from magic but itself doesn't prove that fallout and elder scrolls are connected

  9. The graybeards talk about a new world being made after Alduin eats everything and how many worlds existed before the TES world. They may he In the same universe but no quite the same universe. We can say that and It wouldnt harm the lore on both sides AT ALL.

  10. This doesnt explain a lot of the deity lore since theyre very prominent. People could argue some time split shenanigan, but this is interesting because historians couldve said the two og gods n etc are the atom bombs/the different sides of the war

  11. the two moons can be explained. planets move through space and its entirely possible that the second "moon" on Nirn is just a dead planer maybe even mars that entered or orbit and didnt crash into us. maybe its a space ship of some ancient race. anything is possible.

  12. explanation to nirn having 2 moons, earth could have captured another moon or the moon somehow falls apart probably from an impact with a large astroyed, but the chunk doesn't crash into earth

  13. Maybe the Dwenmer found the technology of the past world. Or maybe they’re cities were once vaults

  14. You lost me at the magic and technology explanations, because there are actually way better explanations than these.

    Think of it this way, we already have groups like the institute creating even more advanced technology than the pre-war tech, and its conceivable that technologocal progress would keep going so long as there is a society to push that progress. Well, what happens thousands of years later when technology is so much more advanced that it becomes unrecognizable? Any sufficiently advanced technology would appear to be a form of magic by our standards.

    That said, we also need to account for why things like swords and stuff made a comeback. The answer is actually pretty simple, Skyrim has many tales about ancient civilizations that were more powerful than the current one, so it is entirely possible that magic, or what we perceive to be magic is actually a remnant of a lost technology.

    There was actually an anime I saw not terribly long ago that worked on this very premise. Their explanation was that an ancient civilization had developed a nanite technology that seeded the entire world with itself, and that the nanites could alter matter according to the user's will, however, not everybody possessed the genetic markers the nanites were programmed to respond to, and even those who did did so to varying degrees, thus creating "mages" of varied levels of "power". Of course, none of the people of this world were aware of the nanites, so they had constructed entire pseudoscientific explanations of how this "magic" worked, which while incorrect, still had at least just enough details right that if you followed them you would see some results, but it was kind of like looking at a broken clock at just the right time for it to technically be correct.

    As for various ancient artifacts, and I mean the super ancient ones, items with lore going all the way back to Nirn's supposed creation, those could be remnants of ancient technology that nobody understands anymore. So for example, soul gems we see depicted as coming in multiple sizes and also we see that if the gems break in any way they are rendered completely useless, as there are broken soul gems we can find and they are unusable for anything. This strikes me as being less of a naturally occurring mineral, and more like a piece of technology. Could be some kind of nanotech storage device, all we really know is that it stores a person's consciousness in it, and it can be used to power enchantments. The specifics of how it does either of these things are a mystery, but if I had to guess we aren't just trapping that person's mind, but we are actually trapping whatever it is about them that allows the use of magic too.

    We also see ghosts and undead, which I would assume is achievable in a similar fashion by having nanites in the air manage to extract and maintain a person's consciousness outside of their body, as well as granting it form and/or influence over matter (including their former body). Or in terms of lesser undead like Zombies, reanimating the body under the control of a sort of manifested AI.

  15. I think it's the way around. At some point in time, something really big must've happen and alot of the ancient races like elfs, lizards, etc. Went exctint and as time passed civilization forgot about magic and lost connection to it. Then we get to modern times and boom, fallout happens

  16. Personally I like to think they are in the same universe but in different parts of the galaxy or a completely different galaxy
    The universe is big lots of things can happen
    Who knows something like this could happen

  17. The second moon is probably a big asteroid caught in orbit or maybe a big collection of sentiment conglomerated there, it has been maybe 100,000 years

  18. About the two moons, it is entirely possible that another rogue planet hit earth like it did billions of years ago. Time takes a while. It could even help out with the continents and landforms.

  19. well its not miracle if humanity blow moon just in case if there are ever military operation place special if there come nuke war

  20. Imagine your playing fallout you just get out of the volt and the first thing you see is a mutated dragon

  21. "Let's go back to school for a second…"
    I like how you used a picture of Walter White from the Breaking Bad 😂😂

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