Combat, Atari 2600 – The First Games

Combat is very likely the first game I ever played. The memory of that is lost in the mists of time and my brain. Thus begins the new series The First Games, played with my brother, who introduced my to gaming.

Combat is a two player shooting each other type game, with either tanks or aircraft, with several variations on the rules.

The First Games is a series in which I play the first games I ever played, with my brother, who introduced me to gaming.

Intro music is “Kick Shock” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”


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40 thoughts on “Combat, Atari 2600 – The First Games

  1. This was also the first game i ever played. Or at least like you, it's the first i have a memory of playing. And actually i do wonder if pong was first but i want to say not. Probably.

  2. Yeah an AI opponent would have been nice, but it probably would have ended up being too good or too stupid.

  3. This was the bundled game that came with the VCS I had (bought from the Co-Op for £80 if I remember right), it was pretty poor game but we did play it back then as the games were so expensive.

    Shame the game had no AI as you could not play if on your own, a bit like the original Pong (two player only).

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  5. Good stuff! It takes me back to long sessions of 2600 back in the late 70s early 80s. Liking the brother stuff!

  6. I love this video, you guys are amazing commenting on the game together. It takes me back to my when I played my first Atari games with my cousins.

  7. Thanks.

    Ah yes I can see how that would be problematic. I listen to a podcast where three of the hosts are brothers and I find two of them difficult to differentiate even after a ton of episodes.

  8. Oh yeah it's still quite a lot of fun even after all this time.

    All the games you mentioned except Pele's Soccer are part of this series, so stay tuned 🙂

  9. Wow. I never completed any games anywhere near that young, but then they were much harder. Still quite an impressive feat.

    When I was that age the games weren't capable of being worrying to parents for the same reasons. So did it scar you for life and turn you into a violent maniac? I'm guessing not.

  10. Thanks. It's pretty much the two-player twaddle intro with a different title.

    First I heard about the Dragon 32 was a system review of it by SteveBenway. He made videos about some of the games to. If you search youtube for Dragon 32, his videos are pretty much the only videos about them.

    Thanks for the info about dogfighting. Interesting. Kind of disturbing that the person who coined that term probably was watching a lot of dogs fighting.

  11. It's good by the way to hear you guys having so much fun. Such a simple game, but 30 years later you're still into it.

  12. You guys are amazing and thank you thousand times for doing this series. While I started my gaming life in arcades, the Atari 2600 console and its games is one of the first and probably fondest memories I have. As you two, I also played with my brother. My favorite two player game was Maze Craze, although I absolutely love combat. We went through almost all modes of the game and it was incredible early experience. As said amazing amazing video :):)

  13. Combat is still a good trash talking multi-player game even today along with excellent Warlords,i remember my first encounter with home video games (not including tabletops and the old l.e.d hendhelds) and it was also the Atari 2600 at a school friends house.I remember the games he had -Missile command,Pacman,Raiders Of The Lost Ark,Pele`s Soccer and also Space Invaders and i think that was the first home video game i played.

  14. well ur first game is well older then mine my first game was either crash bandicoot 3, tekken 3 or gta 2 all for the ps1 with 2 of them being over my age restriction still im proud to say that wen i was 4 i played gta not many people can say that and something im even prouder of is i completed vice city at age 5

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