Choice Words Game by MindWare

When you play Choice Words, recalling popular phrases is only half the battle. With two types of game play, you’ll need to match other players’ answers – either the most or the least! In “Scratch Play,” score one point for each phrase that other players haven’t thought of. In “Match Play,” score points for correctly guessing how other players will fill in the blanks. As time runs out, the phrases get more far-flung in this hilarious contest of wits and words. Fun for the whole family! Includes 200 Match Play cards, 200 Scratch Play cards, timer, phrase pad and rules. 2 or more players. To learn about other brainy toys for kids of all ages, visit


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One thought on “Choice Words Game by MindWare

  1. Just played this game with family & neighbors, and we all had so much FUN!  Everyone got to play, so there were 7 year olds to 76 year olds!  It's so easy to play. Also, entertaining because it opens doors into thoughts and life experiences of your fellow players.  It is a great way to bring generations together to enjoy a less competitive, but more community gaming experience.  I highly recommend "Choice Words" to everyone.  "Choice Words" belongs in every household!!!

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