Bruce Lee Vs Steven Seagal | EA Sports UFC 3 ASTONISHING KNOCKOUT!!! MUST WATCH!!!

Jeet Kune Do master Bruce Lee vs 7Th Dan in Aikido Steven Seagal. Please hit that notification button 🔔 Like 👍, Share 🤲, leave a comment and subscribe ☑️ for more content.

Джит Кун До мастер Брюс Ли против 7Th Dan в Айкидо Стивен Сигал. Нажмите эту кнопку уведомления 🔔 Как 👍, Поделитесь 🤲, оставьте комментарий и подписайтесь на ☑️ для получения большего количества контента.

जीत कुन डो मास्टर ब्रूस ली बनाम 7Th Dan में एकीडो स्टीवन सीगल कृपया उस सूचना बटन को दबाएं 🔔 जैसे 👍, साझा करें 🤲, एक टिप्पणी छोड़ दें और अधिक सामग्री के लिए सदस्यता लें।

Jeet Kune Làm chủ Bruce Lee vs 7Th Dan trong Aikido Steven Seagal. Hãy nhấn nút thông báo 🔔 Giống như 👍, Chia sẻ 🤲, để lại nhận xét và đăng ký ☑️ để có thêm nội dung.

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Джит Кюн шебері Брюс Лиді Aikido Стивен Сиагалдан 7Тх Данға қарсы өткізіңіз. Бұл хабарландыру түймесін басыңыз 🔔 Like 👍, Share 🔔, түсініктеме қалдырыңыз және көп мазмұн үшін ☑ Жазылыңыз.

Jeet Kune Do master Bruce Lee vs 7Th Dan sa Aikido Steven Seagal. Mangyaring pindutin ang pindutan ng notification 🔔 Tulad 👍, Ibahagi 🤲, mag-iwan ng komento at mag-subscribe ☑️ para sa higit pang nilalaman.

Jeet Kune Aikido Steven Seagal’da Bruce Lee vs 7Th Dan’i efendim. Lütfen, bu bildirim düğmesine basınız 🔔 Daha fazla içerik için, 👍, Paylaşım 🤲 gibi, bir yorum bırakın ve ☑ sub abone olun.

Jeet Kune Do menguasai Bruce Lee vs 7Th Dan di Aikido Steven Seagal. Sila tekan butang pemberitahuan 🔔 Seperti 👍, Kongsi 🤲, tinggalkan komen dan melanggan ☑️ untuk lebih banyak kandungan.

Джет Куне Маю майстра Брюса Лі проти 7-го Дана в Айкідо Стівен Сігал. Будь ласка, натисніть на цю кнопку сповіщення 🔔 Як 👍, Поділіться 🤲, залиште коментар і підпишіться ☑️ для отримання додаткового вмісту.

جيت كيون هل سيد بروس لي فس 7Th دان في أيكيدو ستيفن سيجال. يرجى ضرب هذا الزر الإخطار 🔔 مثل 👍، حصة 🤲، وترك التعليق والاشتراك ☑️ لمزيد من المحتوى.


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41 thoughts on “Bruce Lee Vs Steven Seagal | EA Sports UFC 3 ASTONISHING KNOCKOUT!!! MUST WATCH!!!

  1. Steven Seagal was “Hard to Kill” but was “Under Siege” the whole match. You can tell that Bruce Lee was “Out for Justice” and essentially had Steven “On Deadly Ground.” Steven had a glimmer of hope as he is known as “The Glimmer Man.” But, Bruce made an “Executive Decision” and knocked him out. In essence he was “Marked for Death” and was “Submerged” in pain.

  2. Steven Segal outweighed by Bruce Lee? His last movie was "Hard to Feed" so this this was a very flattering depiction of his physique and skills. Bruce vs Chuck Norris would be a matchup worth watching.

  3. Steven Is Great No Doubt About It But Against Bruce Lee In Real Life In A Real Fight Seagal Won’t Stand A Chance.

  4. Bruce Lee was great but let's be honest, had he not died, he would have never achieved the notoriety he has today. I look around and there are martial artists that would have definitely given Bruce a run for his money if not beat him. Lo Mang was a power house, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, etc. I would almost bet Lo Mang would've demolished Bruce in a real fight.

  5. RIP Bruce lee good martial artist Steven seagal at 35 was 6 5 so they depicted this all wrong bruce was good in his art & seagal in his style both legendary

  6. I'm shocked that this 'UBER-REALISTIC' fight lasted as long as it did. We all know that 9 times out of 10 — that Seagal would ABSOLUTELY DESTROY Lee in a fight………within a matter of seconds…….

  7. For all those comment-experts – go and google who is Steven! He is a real champion! Multiple times! ..idiots…

  8. WTF? Where's Steven's Aikido? Where's Bruce's speed, techniques and combos? Real shit! Give me back my 10 minutes of life …

  9. If bruce were alive who do you think would win as holes.Steven seagal.👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🐔🐔🐔🐔🦏🦏🦏🦏

  10. Bruce Lee punched like a heavy weight and was lightning quick.Segal out in less than a minute.

  11. Can you imagine what bullshit Segal would spew if he saw his ass get kicked by Bruce Lee. Segal thinks he can't be beat.

  12. The tale of the tape was way off Lee never weighed more than 115 lbs seagull would of won easy Lee had no ground game never really fought anyone he was an action star

  13. Jajaja 🤣 Bruce Lee siempre va a ser el mejor y si enfrentarán , aún estando viví el rey lo derrotaria Seagal solo usa las manos

  14. Total misrepresentation….
    Seagal can't really punch and definitely can't kick.
    Lee would never stay in so close either.
    Plus they'd never fight anyway…..Bantam weight vs light heavy weight !!


  15. Steven Seagal does not fight outside of a carefully choreographed movie stage hes afraid to Hurt his precious image nobody has faith in him and everybody thinks he is a joke. He Would never Hurt his precious image nobody, has faith in him and everybody thinks he is a joke
    Bruce Lee would have mopped the floor with Steven.

  16. I guess the stupid computer couldn't show Bruce Lee at his real speed, so they slowed him down as much as possible. They also took away his martial arts IQ because Bruce's fighting didn't look anything like that.

  17. Big difference in height, but 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall'. This is an insult to Bruce Lee's memory. He woulda put Seagall away in the blink of an eye, minus all that blood. What a joke!

  18. First of all…. Seagal would never have gotten in the ring with Lee. Guys never been in an actual fight in his life.
    Second… If Joe Rogan actually did this willingly. .. shame!

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