Best Blacksmith Ever! – My Little Blacksmith Shop Gameplay

Welcome to My Little Blacksmith Shop! My Little Blacksmith Shop is a fun little game where you play the role of a blacksmith! Make weapons for traveling adventurers!
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My Little Blacksmith Shop Gameplay Overview:

In My Little Blacksmith Shop, you take the role of a blacksmith owner. Traveling adventurers need new weapons and tools, so take to your forge and your anvil. Smelt ingots and hammer those melted ingots into blades! Use your new blades on handles and guards to make weapons to sell in My Little Blacksmith Shop!

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32 thoughts on “Best Blacksmith Ever! – My Little Blacksmith Shop Gameplay

  1. If you see this comment I know what Ninja Turtles are talking about is this is the same song now I know Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 2 3 4

  2. I'm a blacksmith's apprentice this is close but the building the time of creation and order is extremely fast

  3. Cool, I love about such games) by the way, if someone on Android wants to forge weapons too, then I strongly advise the Blacksmith Hero to devour, there’s a true bias to another

    a little, an anroid) so you create a weapon, you upgrade there, and then you go into survival and destroy mobs and bosses ) cool, generally I advise for fans of this 🙂

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