Atari 2600 – Combat (1977)

This is a summary video for the Atari 2600 game Combat, which was one of the initial 9 launch games.

Combat is an action game where players takes control of tanks, bi-planes and jet fighter planes. The aim is simple: shoot each other as many times as you can!

The video contains a bunch of the 27 variants that were on the cartridge. I’ve made sure to include all the different locations and weapons that appear. In case you’re wondering, I’m player one, and my wife is player two. She really struggled with the controls on this game (pressing up to go forward, left to go left, and right to go right, might seem intuitive, but when your vehicle is upside down it’s a whole other story. At least it is for a non-gamer.

The music I’ve used is also from the year 1977, being From Here to Eternity by Giorgio. I hope you enjoy it.


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