Ascendant One – Hera & Aphrodite Preview – Early Access – PC – F2P – KR

Here are a couple new characters since my last video, they put some more but well… I picked them two for now, enjoy ;P

Game website:

Hera close-up screenshot (4k):

In-Game graphics (Max Zoom/1080p):

Aphrodite concept art:

More Ascendant One videos here:

– Unreal Engine 4
– No IP-Block.
– Recorded in 4k (DSR)

Background Music:

Video recorded & edited by rendermax.

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50 thoughts on “Ascendant One – Hera & Aphrodite Preview – Early Access – PC – F2P – KR

  1. Just so everyone is aware this is a MOBA. When actually playing the game you can barely see your character and the details shown here are completely gone. I have no idea why they spent time making such awesome graphics/animations in the preview just for it to go down the drain where it counts.

  2. They really took the concept of "sex sells" and just went with it. I jumped in here looking for some gameplay so I could learn more about the game and instead I get a poledance… Koreans are so strange.

  3. Yet another korean porn models, empty, lifeless and emotionless.
    How to recognize "yetanotherkoreanshit" in one step? Their characters looks all the same^_^

  4. Omg these are my favorite type of videos you do the music choice camera angles and editing just uugghhh love 😍😍😍😍

  5. I get atheistic from destiny but geez they need more facial animations cause they seem so lifeless rather than a character

  6. I am so confused … how did u make something above million dollar gaming companies standards, and are they for a game u have created ? Looks like a 100 people team work effort I'm genuinely baffled and need answers …

  7. The women in thus game aree hot… I swear if the men won't have fucking six pack hot shit I'm gonna be pissed

  8. The Koreans always create graphically impressive games then it always goes to waste making a moba or a cash grab mmo. They need to create some high quality single player or co-op games.

  9. Nice to see some game studios reject the forced SJW censoring of characters so prominent in games these days. Nothing wrong with making characters aesthetically pleasing.

  10. The characters in this game look amazing. Black Desert was the best last gen now this is next gen. Too bad it doesn't have character creation feature based on these characters.

  11. Alucinante solo comencé a ver el video y no pude detenerme hasta que acabó… no se si es un video juego pero el concepto es alucinante muy delicado, definitivamente jugaría un juego con este diseño de personajes… por cierto la primero parecía Madonna jajaja

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